Ingegerd K. Westin


Ingegerd K Westin vernissage den 24 oktober kl13-17 extraöppet söndag den 25 okt kl.13-14 endast för dem som tillhör riskgrupper.
Pågår t o m den 24 nov

Ingegerd K Westin, born in the north part of Sweden. Now living in Sundbyberg near Stockholm in Sweden.
Her studies started in1967 in afternoonschool in Konstfack and studied there 1967-1970. After that she got educated in grafisk design and work with that many years. But she never forget to painting. Nowadays her all time goes to painting. Most in oil on canvas but also in akvarell.
In her works she builds her pictures with thin colour applications. The canvas structure often shines trough.
She in an experienced colourist who in her non-figurative painting mainly works with influences from natural scenery and with the altering light of the day and the year.
A specific time is often given in the titles, the season or the time of the day,which seems to be more important than the actual place or the motive.
As a painter of light Ingegerd K Westin catches sensual atmospheres. In Ingegerd K Westins painting there is no ambition to depict, she is rather exploring relations between light, colour and form in a pleasant artistry where she uses the oil almost as it was water-colour.
She is representeted in many companies and art clubs in Skandinavia.
She is a member in KRO (Artist Organistion Sweden) and IAA- International of Art.