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Om oss


Galleri Lorentzon was founded by Urban Lorentzon in 1984. The goal is to be an active gallery with a wide and interesting focus on the contemporary art displayed.

Tom Wendels

Tom is based in Stockholm with a past in Dusseldorf and Copenhagen, educated at Beckmans School of Design. Light is cenral to his expressive impasto work, free-flying amongst birds symbolism; freedom, escape, resurrection, vanishing etc. Or like W B Yeats captured it with the worlds: Man is in love and loves what vanishes. What more is there to say?

Stefan MÅS Persson

Born in Malmö 1957. Living in Halmstad since 1983. I do my paintings with acrylic on mdf hard board. My paintings often look three-dimensional as if they are sculptures, yet they are flat. I achieve this effect by working extensively with shadows and perspective, sometimes impossible and by cutting out the painting, as well as cutting away specific areas inside the painting, using a tiny saw blade. Common motifs are urban landscapes, buildings in twisted perspective, stairs and ladders giving possibilities. So far almost 100 solo exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, in Paris, Den Haag, Singapore, Copenhagen and Madrid. 150 group exhibitions and art fairs in 20 different countries, New York, Melbourne, Hongkong, Seoul, Paris, London, Miami, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore Amsterdam, Brussel, Helsinki and more. Education: Forum Malmö, Munka Ljungby Fhs. Bachelor of art Umeå.

Karin Holmström

Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1978. The art reflect experiences from life, with strong women, city scenes and care for the wild. With her figurative - non figurative works she opens the door for a dialogue and let you see the answers within. Karin work with acrylic and oil and many layers to search for the right feeling. She has been represented on national TV, won prices and shown her work in over 20 different exhibitions during the last years. To contribute to charity is important for Karin.

Jonas Torstensson

is a trained Swedish industrial designer who has been working with glass since 1986. In the beginning of his career he was one of the designers at the Swedish glassworks Lindshammars Glasbruk. Today he is both a designer and artist at his own company Torstensson Art & Design, outside of Stockholm. Jonas has had many solo exhibitions. In recent years he has focused on pictures in glass. Jonas´ art is all about textures, reflections, contrasts and meetings between the material and the colours. In addition to his interest and passion for glass as a material, Jonas has a genuine interest in the environment. This is reflected by his choice of material that usually is waste float glass from manufacturing window glass. The glass furnace where everything happens is of course driven by electricity from renewable sources.

Johan Frid

Education: MFA, Umeå Konsthögskola 92-97. Travelinggrants to Reykjavik, Los Angeles and Suomenlinna. My painting emanates from my near surroundings. I use to walk slowly in the woods or by the shoreline, and get my images from where I live. north of Stockholm, by the archiplago. The imagery in my paintings often seem to emerge out of the fog, the mist or through the dark. In both nature and painting I am faschinated by the vibrant colormoods.

Ingegerd K Westin

Born in the north part of Sweden. Works in oil on canvas. Represented in many companies and art clubs. She mostly builds her pictures with colour applications. The canvas structure often shines through. She is an experienced colourist who in her nonfigurative painting mainly works with influences from natural scenery and with the altering light of the day and the year. As a painter of light she catches sensual atmospheres. In her painting there is no ambition to depict, she is rather exploring relations betw

Ina Strömberg

Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1959 Studies in University Collage of Arts, Crafts and Design but has mostly learned and been inspired by the swedish sculptor Puck Stocklassa. The Nyckelvik course in concretemoulding In Tinmoulding supervised by Jurge Hopp at the Santesson Timfoundry in Stockholm

Eva Hjelte

Eva Hjelte är född 1969 i Linköping. Hon är utbildad vid bland annat Basis, Tillskärarakademin och Beckmans. Hon har en lång bakgrund som illustratör med uppdrag både i Sverige och utomlands. Flera av hennes mest uppmärksammade uppdrag som illustratör har varit att bjuda in naturen i öppna rum – rum där människor möts, väntar, arbetar eller bara passerar. I banker, butiker och kontor. Eva har också fått priser och utnämningar för sina arbeten. Vunnit guld och silver i branschtävlingen Kolla som Svenska Tecknare utlyser och vunnit en resa till New York där två av hennes verk blev utnämnda i AOLs konsttävling i USA. Bland kunderna finns Skandia bank och försäkringar / Selfridges, UK / Haägen Daz, Japan / Systembolaget / Filippa K, internationellt / Vogue, Japan / H&M / Göteborgs Operan / AOL, America Online, USA / Peclers Paris, FR / Tiger of Sweden / Nordiska Kompaniet med flera. Sedan ett par år målar Eva fritt och utställningen på Galleri Lorentzon blir hennes första soloutställning med måleri. I mitt arbete vill jag väcka nyfikenhet på "den vilda naturen", sätta fantasin i rörelse och minska avståndet mellan människa och natur. Vår tids urbanisering och miljöförstöring gör behovet av stillsam, växtlig ro allt större. Min konst är en påminnelse om naturens positiva kraft på oss människor, och ett uttryck för en längtan efter en mer varaktig gemenskap. Jag vill skapa fönster av stillhet som öppnar sig mot varje besökare inomhus. Det finns ett återkommande intresse för det fragmentariska i naturen. Skörheten, livet i de vilda, organiska växtliven som också finns inuti mig. Växtliven jag hittar på min väg bär med sig en personlig berättelse och en energi som jag utmanar.

Carina Söderström

Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Where there is vulnerability, there is strength. Where there is brokenness, there is beauty. With lines, color shades, thin or pasty painting I’m trying to look into the subject’s soul. Whatever the motiv is I want to find a mood or a feeling from it and it happens quite intuitively and searchingly while I work. I do not use a finished sketch, but like to go straight on the first line and let the painting be an extended arm from my eyes and mind. Entering the studio means for me a personal sphere where I feel the nerve, the flow I want to live in. There I´m safe and

Camilla Carp

Born in Boden, grew up in Strängnäs and lives in Stockholm. The possibilities of the wire mesh fascinated her already in the 80s when she went to an art school and met the material for the first time. She creates sensual mesh sculptures where the basic tone is tenderness and love and where the contrast between the cold wire mesh and the soft shape that exists in the human body gives her mesh sculptures a special tension. The human body comes in different "shapes" - thin, round, old, young - all become beautiful when the shape is allowed to speak and not the ideals. Her specialty is making portraits but not necessarily a head. Preferably a pregnant bulging stomach, or a breastfeeding baby. Maybe someone's body, resting or in motion. It will be a portrait that has value for others as well. Is experimenting in different materials to find new possibilities. Has, among other things, worked on placing her metal sculptures in glass with the help of glass artist Ebba von Wachenfeldt. As a painter she works mainly in acrylic on canvas but also with gouache on paper. Follow her on Instagram to see new works: Instagram